Educational Projects


The UNITE Collaborative: Early Experiences of Introducing Collaborative Trainee Research to Interventional Radiology in the United Kingdom.

Indrajeet Mandal, Jim Zhong, Robin Borchert, Shivank Keni, Paul Jenkins, Andrew MacCormick, Gregory C. Makris. 

Cardiovascular and Intervententional Radiololgy 2022. Paper Link.

Presentations The first online community for aspiring interventional radiologists.

Indrajeet Mandal, Navin Nagesh, Sachin Modi, Niall Burke, Gregory Makris. 

CIRSE 2020. Oral Presentation, presented by Indrajeet Mandal.

The use of Twitter as a tool to boost engagement with the junior IR community: early insights

Sachin Modi, Indrajeet Mandal, Navin Nagesh, Niall Burke, Gregory Makris. 

BSIR 2020. Poster Presentation. 

The effect of a virtual journal club on interest in academic IR amongst medical students and trainees.

Indrajeet Mandal, Rosemary Ho, Shian Patel, Winnie Y Liu, Jim Zhong.

CIRSE 2021. Poster Presentation.

Exploring medical students’ views on virtual medical education during a time of pandemic.

Stefan Lam, F. Gunn, Marcus Deal, Sachin Modi, Gregory Makris.

CIRSE 2021. Poster Presentation

The First National Interventional Radiology Trainee Research Collaborative.

Indrajeet Mandal, Robin Borchert, Jim Zhong, Paul Jenkins, Andrew MacCormick, Shian Patel, Gregory Makris. 

RSNA 2021. Poster Presentation, presented by Indrajeet Mandal.

Inspiring future academic interventional radiologists: the first national UK IR Research Day.

Sachin Modi, Indrajeet Mandal, Shian Patel, Madhurima Chetan, Ganesh Vigneswaran, Helen Ng, Rosemary Ho, Krishanth Ganesan, Jim Zhong, Ed Johnston, Mark Little, Phil Haslam. 

GEST 2022. Oral Presentation, presented by Sachin Modi.

Improving medical student engagement efforts in radiology through creation of a nationwide undergraduate radiology society network in the UK.

Tun Tha, Aryan Maleki, Lucy McGuire, Charlie Haslam, Rosemary Ho, Niall Burke, Sachin Modi, Indrajeet Mandal. 

CIRSE 2022. Poster Presentation