Splenic Embolisation Decisions (SPEED)

Project Summary

The SPlEnic artery Embolisaiton Decisions (SPEED) study aims to answer key questions about splenic artery embolisation practice in the UK. This is a NIHR portfolio adopted study run from the University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust, with the support of the Trauma and Audit Research Network (TARN) and British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) and will focus on Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) in England only. 

Using the national TARN database to identify cases of splenic trauma throughout all the MTCs we will find out how splenic embolisation is performed in terms of treatment technique and case selection, whilst looking at factors that impact the treatment choices, embolisation approach and clinical outcomes. 

We already have a large TARN dataset available however this will be complimented by additional data collection on the type of splenic injury, embolisation treatment details, and clinical outcomes, along with a questionnaire on the service design at the trauma centre. Data collection will be via RedCap. The workload will depend on each individual trusts volume of embolisations between 2017-2021 but will be considerably less than 30 cases in most trusts. 

We are looking for one PI in each centre along with one assistant, of which one must be at least 1 year post FRCR registrar or an IR Consultant. Those participating in data collection will be named as collaborators, opportunity for increased involvement and recognition as an author is available for some involved if desired upon discussion and contributed value as the project develops. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please email Dr Paul Jenkins (pjenkins1@nhs.net) who is leading the study.

Project Protocol